Spirulina Caps (Arthrospira platensis), 100 x 600 mg

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100% Spirulina PURE powder

Product 100% pure no additives, no excipient.

100% Spirulina

100 capsules 500 mg = 50g

Consumed for centuries by certain populations, Spirulina has been rediscovered in recent years. This edible seaweed has a huge nutritional value. It contains an exceptional rate of proteins, minerals, iron, vitamins E, A (beta carotene), B 12 and other extremely assimilable elements.

  • Improves nutrition

  • Can help in the management of obesity at a dose of 1 gram per day
  • Increases the tone by its vitamin B12 richness
  • Improves muscle detoxification and increases antioxidant enzymes
  • Antioxidant, action on reactive to oxygen species and anti-inflammatory
  • Stimulates proliferation of neural stem cells and bone marrow
  • Neuroprotective, vis-a-vis the process of ischemia / reperfusion, improves one model of Parkinson's disease (decreased activation of microglial cells), protection of certains neurons (polysaccharide), through an interaction with microglia.
  • Adjuvant in the fight against diseased cells, cellular aging, infectious diseases, declines of the immune system, major action in the functioning of the bone marrow (stimulation of erythropoiesis)
  • Clinical trials have shown that the absorption of a daily dose of 10 grams of spirulina for 4 to 6 weeks would be enough to cure a child suffering from severe malnutrition, it is used in Africa in combination with anti-retroviral treatments, in people with HIV. It would bring weight gain, a gain in CD4 lymphocytes, and a decrease in opportunistic infections.

  Suggested Use:

Maximum Doses:

  • Do not exceed 5g per day.

Normal doses

  • 3g to 4g per day in normal use

Contra indications:

The possible and rare side effects that have been described are nausea and extremely rare allergic reactions.

As a precaution, spirulina is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Also it is not recommended to people who are prone to gout, kidney stones or high blood uric acid levels.

Ask a doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking any medicine.

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100% pure powder without foreign matter, 0 excipient

100% vegetable capsules, (HPMC).

Nutrition Facts

Amounts per 100 grams

% of Daily Value

Calories - 290
Proteins - 57g
Fats - 8.0g
Carbs - 2.7g
Fibres - 3.6g
Sugar - 3,1g
Magnesium - 48%
Calcium - 16%
Iron - 158%
Vitamin A (B-carotene) - 11%
Vitamin B-6  - 20%
Contra indications

There are possible, but rare, side effects that have been described as nausea and extremely rare allergic reactions.

As a precaution, spirulina is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is also not recommended in the case of people who are prone to gout, kidney stones or have a high blood uric acid level.

The effectiveness of the products presented and the results vary from person to person according to age, sex, physical condition and previous treatments. The appearance of the first results can be fast, but can vary from one user to another. Products can never replace the advice of a doctor or specialist.

Please comply with the recommended dose and daily conditions of use.

Recommended doses

Maximum doses :

  • Do not exceed 5g per day.

Normal doses:

  • 3g to 4g per day in normal use.

You should not use the information in this document to diagnose or treat a health problem or illness.

Refer to the indications on the product packaging. If you have or suspect of a medical problem, contact your doctor immediately.

Suggested use

Spirulina is rich in iron (10 grams of spirulina correspond to about 80% of RDA) which is very important, and its bioavailability is two to three times higher that in the case of meat.

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