• — Anonym

    Graviola regulates my blood pressure to a normal reading of 120/70. I take it before bedtime and it relaxes my heart and muscles for a more restful sleep.

  • — Dani

    God bless you fight this and you are going to win !! I ordered Soursop for my mom that been battling breast cancer for 12 years and I ordered it on www.herbal-d-tox.com

  • — Todd Carrol

    I am taking graviola in my battle against pancreatic cancer. There is NOTHING like it, it is so so pure and I am so confident in it, it is safe and 100% side effect free!

  • — Angie Sly

    My friend had lung cancer and she took this and has no more cancer so I found out I had lung cancer and I am now talking it.the doctors were surprised. That she had no cancer.

  • — Denise Walker-Taylor

    I bought Graviola for my mom and her immune system is much better now, as well as her energy and appetite. After I noticed my mom’s results, I started taking it and like it too.

  • — Linus

    7 months ago i was diagnosed t4 renal cancer, without slash, burn and chemicals, the tumor now is almost gone,tank You very much Lord God and the med You gave to me---- guyabano tea.

  • — Annabel Nunez

    Thank you for the articles you share. It really helps a lot not only to me but also to the other people. It widens my idea about soursop. I realized that its not just a fruit but also a medicine that can cure ilnesses.

  • — Tessie de Vera

    Actually my father he boil the Leaves as his tea a natural chemotherapy he was diagnosed lymphoma cancer. I am happy that he is still strong and still doing his regular daily routine most of all strong spiritual well being.

  • — Janice

    I have been taking it for 2 1/2 years and was told I had 6 months to live from lung cancer. Since taking graviola I have been in full remission and it helps my immune system, that i don't catch many of the cold viruses going around.

  • — Alise

    I bought this for my friend and he tells me he does have more energy and feels less down. He says he dreams a lot when he takes it and feels his sleeping has improved quite a bit! A good nights sleep helps with energy and depression!

  • — TIFF

    I was told the horrible pain that I was having was due to fibroid in my uterus and that my uterus was also enlarged. I've been taking Graviola for about 5 days now and my symptoms have decreased dramatically. I see a specialist in 2 weeks.

  • — Mariz Angelo

    My Mom is battling big tumor in her liver. She is drinking Guyabano tea and make it as her substitute for water. Her tumor significantly shrunk few centimeters. It is really true! Now we are sharing some of our leaves to cancer patients here in California.

  • — Chong

    As the leaves are very potent, you only need one or two leaves for one person. You only need to steep the leaves in boiling water, just like making ordinary tea. The strength of the tea depends on the number of leaves and the length of time the leaves are left in the water.

  • — Steve Fox

    When I was undergoing radiation and chemo, I took a number of immune stimulants, which I attribute to no nausea and no hair loss. I only discovered Graviola later and I took 3000 mg a day and it is now 12 years later and my latest scan a month or so ago showed no recurrence.

  • — Joe Hall

    A friend of mine was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was told it was to far advanced for chemo and was inoperable , his only option was to go home and , according to his doctor, die. He found a video about soursop on youtube tried it and is now cancer free. It worked for him .

  • — LouieLouie

    I recently made a batch of the tea from the leaves and stems for my mother and she has been on it for about 3 weeks now, she has breast cancer in her lung and other places, stage 4, since starting on the tea she has not been asking for pain medicine. We will see how her next CT scans look.

  • — Béatrice

    I know a friend's neighbor who had cancer and the doctor gave her a few months to live but started drinking water from boiled soursop leaves and her life was extended for a few years. There's no scientific evidence but they claim that its because of the cancer fighting properties of soursop.

  • — Kathy Kanelopoulos

    I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer June 6th, 2013. I am not a chemo fan. I started Graviola July, 2013 and I have been taking it ever since. All of my test are clean!! 2 years later and not even a Polyp was found. I believe 100% that Graviola is the reason. I will live on this forever!!!

  • — Maria Valdez

    Graviola does work. My husband is living proof and has been cancer free for 10 years. He took Graviola 3 times a day for 6 weeks. The cancer (Colon cancer) had changed from a bloody mass to a golf-ball size, white ball held by a thread, waiting to come off. Doctors could not explain it other than the cancer was gone.

  • — Dean Rhygos Michael

    I’ve been drinking Graviola tea for over one year now every day. It’s proven itself to keep my tumor at bay and helped me to eat pretty normal again. I have very aggressive stage 4 incurable cancer of the Esophagus and no longer need a feeding tube thanks to Graviola tea. My last chemo session was back on March 20th 2014.

  • — Brad M.

    I was diagnosed with possible Prostate Cancer. Had a PSA of 4.6 and free PSA of 3%. So I took the Graviola twice a day for 2 months before my biopsy and 12 core samples were all benign. Never sure if it had any effect, but I’m 44 and the doctor told me I was really lucky because I was 80% to have prostate cancer pre biopsy.

  • — Ivanna

    I place 20 leaves in 1 gallon of filter or spring water let it boil for 15 to 20 minutes.Sit over night with the leaves in the pot.Then refrigerate to keep fresh.Drink 8 oz glass hot or cold.My parents always drinking this tea.Must be doing something for them because they don't suffer from what most people are suffering from now.

  • — Manuela

    My daughter-in-law had breast cancer. She told the doctor she was taking graviola. He told her "It can't hurt." Within 6 weeks the tumor had shrunk on its own and she went into remission. The doctors said they had never seen anything like it. Of course they did not attribute it to the graviola. They called it spontaneous remission. Go figure.

  • — Sylvia Mutuku

    Hi. I am pleased to inform you that soursop is a miracle plant. my friend was treating HBP which rised to 168/108. at this point he was given am additional medicine (beta blocker) the pressure dropped to an extend of being diastolic pressure. not to mention the side effects. Dizziness, pain among others. I introduced him to soursop tea now he is the happiest ever.

  • — Selalu

    According to my friend's experience, after he underwent chemotherapy he drank soursop leaf decoction, the result is good for his health. Although the effects of chemotheraphy cause a decrease in eating, he felt comfortable after boiling the leaves of the soursop. But anyway people is only trying to do the best, and GOD is the one to heal. Mentally to recover should be owned by people with cancer.

  • — Lorenzo

    Omg, I just watched a video and I thought I was the only one who ordered this Soursop product. I been using it for over 2 months and my colon tumor is completely gone I believe that this really works I had nothing to lose and was really tired of chemo please everyone just try it for yourself it help me not trying to build anyone up or for them to buy the product I am just sharing my testimony. God bless...

  • — lfischerpe

    I have been using graviola and immune-assist for about three years now to help fight prostate (and who knows what else) cancer. Until recently a reduced dosage kept my psa steady. Now that my psa is rising, I've increased my dosage and hopefully that will help. Sure I have parkinsons-like symptoms but I'm still alive almost 30 years after I was first diagnosed with the cancer. I feel good and am very seldom sick.

  • — Tchang

    Dr Grant began bottling the drink extracted from his own leaves. "On a Saturday, after my radio program or during my radio program, we don't have hands to get rid of it." he said, "and now we are getting testimonies: My insurance agent, diagnosed with gall bladder problems and prostate cancer, he's now totally, totally healed by drinking the Soursop. So it has been working miracles. We have numerous, numerous testimonies."

  • — Fonny Lau

    Idd go to Dr Ni’s clinic in Florida. But I was only able to meet with Dr. Yan who helped me during my chemo. Now my cancer is in remission. My cousin starts taking graviola since FEb 2013. Her ovaries were taken out 19 months ago. It now spread to her stomach She had graviola during her last 4 chemo. She said she felt the graviola did help her to lower the cancer count from 51, 1week later 41,. Now is 12. She is happy.

  • — Zakaria Kenza

    I used to give Graviola to a woman who had terminal cancer. After 14 days the scan analysis results were really good. The small cancer cells started to die and the white blood cells have raised in the body. Honestly, I did not expect that Graviola would be that efficient in killing cancer that fast. It does work for all cancer types and even for pancreatic cancer, which is nearly impossible to cure. The diet is extremely important too.

  • — Larry Quinlan

    I have used graviola in capsule form to cure my prostate cancer. After 38 rounds of radiation my one year post rad PSA was rising. that’s when I started taking 4800 mg a day. 5 mos. later my PSA is 2.95. I also cured my bichon’s bladder cancer and I am currently working on my beagles abdominal cancer. I feel sorry for all the men that had their prostates removed unnecessarily. All because soursop will never be developed because it is natural and can’t be patented. So sad!!!

  • — Fab.

    You can boil 10 leaves in 3 cups of water. easy as that. eat the fruit. My dad had stage 3 prostate cancer when we found out and went through radiation theraphy for 40 days and medication for 6 months when we get to know about soursop ( which is to abundant in our backyard!) and since then no medication has been prescribed by his doctor just because his PSA count has been consistent at 0.01 (checked every 2 months) for 2 years now and his latest bone scan showed remarkable change. We think the soursop has greatly helped.

  • — Ghin B Bull

    I had a suspicious lump in my breast according to the ultrasound on April,I immediately consumed boiled guyabano leaves and drink everyday for a month and went for a mammogram again to make sure the findings will give the doctors a better insight.To my delight,it's been benign and no need to go for surgery! Just follow up check up after 6 months.Thanks God,I know that because of the guyabano leaves I've been drinking that helps improved my condition.I still continously drinking it everyday.Its good when it's cold from the fridge!

  • — Anonymous

    My mother was diagnosed two years ago with breast cancer and she had surgery. The doctors showed from the biopsy that she still had some cancer on her cells and the only way to remove or control the rest of the cancer was with chemo. I read an article about graviola and decided to give it to her. She did not have the chemo or any other tratment. She has been taken it for two years and up to this date, no cancer was detected again. I will continue buying it for as long as she stays in this world because she will not stop taking it. My mother is 82 years old.

  • — Anonymous


  • — Soursop leaves vs. brain cancer

    A 53-year-old mother sentenced to suffer brain cancer and had undergone medical treatment, either medication, surgery or chemotherapy. When the mother’s condition did not improve, his relatives gave soursop leaf extract is accompanied by other herbs such as bitter. The latter is believed to help boost the immune system. The dose cypress capsules three times daily. Reported a significant development began to appear after 12 days of taking these herbs. The mother had begun to talk to, even in interviews, and can move his hands, something that is not possible while still undergoing medical treatment.

  • — jcharth

    Hello my mothers cancer has finally spread to the brain from her lungs. She has been eating vegetarian since diagnose. Although some times she had fish. She is taking curcumix x4000 apricots seeds and juicing lots of kale carrots and apples. She felt dissy on christmas and she went to the hostpital the next day. They found 7 tumors in the brain. She had 3 radiation sessions 10 days ago. We started giving her soursop leaf tea and she felt better overnight. There are a few news articles about soursop that seem very encoraging. For now she has 3 cups of leaf tea every day. She boiles 15 leafs for 30 minutes in low temperature.

  • — Nicole Kristmann

    AMAZING RECOVERY OF BLADDER CANCER! I have fought stage 4 bladder cancer with my father for 2 years. We were getting ready to have his bladder removed before the cancer spread in his body. My brother sent Graviola leaves from the British Virgin Islands. After much convincing to my 78 year old non-believing father, he agreed to take them for 6 weeks prior to the biopsies required for the surgery. He took the tea and ate a plant based diet. We had the biopsies done. When we went for the results the surgeon, urologist and GP were all there asking what we did. There was not a trace of cancer in his bladder or his body. This works!!!!

  • — Christopher Lane, Ph.D

    After an operation to remove a cancerous tumor in one of her ovaries, the woman (whose information I am relaying with her permission) was given a combined treatment of chemotherapy and a dietary supplement of graviola, taken with meals three times a day. (It's taken either in capsule form or as a tea with boiling water; in either case, that should always be in consultation with a doctor or oncologist). One year later, after she had battled intense side effects from chemo—including hairloss, skin damage, and nausea—she wasn't just in remission. Her cancer had completely disappeared. It remains gone to this day, two years later.

  • — Janice Digby Mccartney Hoffman

    To all those out there fighting cancer, I am proof that Graviola works. May, 2011, I was diagnosed with stage 3B Lung Cancer. After radiation and chemotherapy, my cancer spread and I was now stage 4 and was told I had 6 months to live. I stopped all medical treatment and started taking Graviola in June, 2012. To date, there has been no active signs of my cancer, although I still have a tumor, which has remained the same. I have had no signs of the cancer. I don’t know exactly how Graviola works, but all I know is that it works and I will continue taking it forever. Update: Got my pet scan results today and I am officially 100% cancer free.

  • — Pastor Dave White

    I was on 7 different medications, and my blood pressure was usually around 190/96 (something like that). And recently, since I've been taking the Soursop 3 times a day, the tea, my blood pressure is now at 136/84. This is still considered high, but that is phenomenal for me, because I have cronic high blood pressure, and my numbers are always high, it never goes lower than that. I have been taking the Soursop leaves for 2 months. I can see that I have more energy... I used to wake up with headaches, real bad headaches that would eventually subside, but that's no longer an effect. I would recommend it to anybody to has high blood pressure, I am telling you: it works!

  • — Anonymous

    I've used several bottles of Graviola in the past couple of years. During the use of one bottle of Grav, I'd gotten rather sick and spent a couple of days in bed...afterwards, my neighbor, who used to do iridology came over and said "I have never seen your eyes as clear as they are right now. You just went through a Healing Crisis, and whatever you got rid of...was going to be deadly to you down the road." I BELIEVE Graviola did that for me. I still use it occasionally as a maintainance. Also, taking it with Activated Charcoal at nite, so whatever toxins/dis-ease are being eliminated, have something to bind to. I've recommended this product to many people.

  • — Dean Revell

    I just wanted to let you know that my daughter’s boyfriend’s nana, Carol, was very sick with advanced metastatic breast cancer in July. I got her Graviola capsules and immediately she started feeling better. Last night I dropped my daughter off at her boyfriend’s to be greeted by both her boyfriend and his mother. They said that Carol’s tumors had not gotten any bigger and are showing signs of shrinkage!!! I worked in cancer research for 6 years (my mum died of breast cancer) so I have a very strong interest in the latest therapies, but this one I believe is probably the most promising and certainly plan to spread the word further. Now I have heard the evidence for myself.

  • — Anonymous

    A woman of 45 years was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, which has spread to other organs, and chemotherapy is recommended by the doctor in charge. The patient refused and chose the path which she considered reliable: herbs for cancer control. However, Chinese herbs that were consumed did not improve the situation. Until one day a friend got the information about soursop leaf. Incidentally at the woman’s house there was a soursop tree, she began to consume in boiled water. 33 soursop leaves boiled with 9 cups of water until it becomes 3 cups, drink early in the day and night. Diet and lifestyle changes are also done. The result a month later and smaller lumps in the breast cancer cells that have spread to the abdomen and the hand disappeared.

  • — Mala Shea

    I first bought this [Graviola] in July of 2015 for my husband who has Ulcerative Colitis. He’s was prescribed Humera (a shot in the stomach every week) to keep the symptoms from flaring up, but this medicine wipes out his immune system and made him extremely lethargic. Since he started Graviola along with his probiotics, he’s been healthy and has lots of energy. He was able to go back to work FT in a job that is both physically and mentally demanding in October and doesn’t get sick easily from his employees that come to work with cold/flu. My husband is a true believer of Graviola and I am too since I have my healthy energetic husband back. He quit taking Humera two months ago because his bowels are back to normal after 10 years. It was worth researching and reading hundreds of testimonials!

  • — Heather Jack

    Here's what I did for my right breast lump that I discovered in 1994 & when it was checked it was a malignant lump. Get 40 soursop leaves, wash them thoroughly. Place them in a large pot of boiling water. Do not cover the pot. Boil on a medium high fire for 15 minutes, then for 30 minutes boil on a low fire. Turn off burner. Drink a hot mug on an empty stomach first thing as you wake up in the morning and one again at night hot, last thing before going to bed. During the day drink you can drink a glass full at 12 noon and another at 4pm. When the pot is cool please refrigerate. Do vigorously for 6 months. After that you can have a mug hot in the morning first thing, then two glasses during the day. I still use during the month for 2 weeks. I have no cancer trace to date and I have no trace of hypertension nor diabetes.

  • — Ickus

    I have been a metastatic breast cancer survivor for 7 years. It had gone from my breast through my mammary node to my Brain and then my lung I had the tumors all removed except for the lung that was a lymph node and it was no operable. I started taking Graviola after the second breast surgery I saved my breasted refused a mastectomy and started Chemo also, My oncologist knew I was taking additional supplements and had no quams against it. He started me on Abrexain The side effects were minimal I truly believe I am here today because of the Graviola and other supplements that helped my body heal from the Chemo We all know what Chemo can do to your body I had Hodgkins in the 80's and that chemo almost buried me So I still take the Graviola 7 years later and have had no side effects I only take one 600mg capsule a day and it is more of a preventive now then anything else.

  • — RAY.

    I've been suffering from blood coagulation and been prescribed CPG, Aspirin, etc. which caused me heartburn/GERD and endoscopy proved the existence of erosion. Also been suffering (arthritis like) pain on joints at shoulders, fingers, toes, and heels. I stopped taking meds all together to concentrate on healing the heartburn. I started taking graviola tea treatment on 26th Mar 2015 evening and felt the positive result the same night. Since taking the tea 3 cups daily, all athritis like pains were gone, GERD almost disappeared, the mood is much happier and enthusiastic about life, muscle feels more relax, more endurance when jogging/exercise. However, on 8th Apr 2015 I noticed fresh blood on my stool. Now I started to wonder if it has anything to do with graviola tea treatment. My plan is to continue with graviola tea treatment until 30 days and also consult with physician.

  • — Anonymous

    I had read the reviews about this product and thought it sounded wonderful as an anticancer preventative, but I thought I'd get it for the immunity benefits. After using it I realized I felt a wonderful sense of well-being. I had menopause issues and the anxiety/stress was horrible. My doctor recommended using an antidepressant...my blood pressure would sky rocket twice a month (due to phantom periods/ovulation) and I was feeling like I was looking up only to see the bottom of the barrel. I finally realized the only thing I'd been taking differently was the graviola. Reading the bottle it said "mood enhancer". It should have said "life saver for women in menopause". The difference was like day and night. I feel like I'm alive. I've never had anything...and I mean anything work like this. I've tried herbal products for depression, progesterone cream, and other products but nothing has worked for me as well as this. It has been amazing. :>)

  • — J. Gordon

    Back in December, 2012, when they told me they got the peach size tumor off of my kidney, they didn’t get it all and wanted to go back and take whole kidney out, I said NO. Let me go home and think about this first. Not only did I think about it, I read everything I could about herbs that killed cancer cells. The top 4 which I ended up using were Graviola, Cats Claw, Pau d’arco and Turmeric. I was afraid to use only one and find out that it was not the right one, so I did what’s called by shamans, the “shotgun effect,” it hits it from many different angles and leaves no hope for the cancer. My last cat-scan showed no cancer where the 2 cat-scans before showed it was growing. So as you see, I have proof that it worked. With my second round with cancer I didn’t what to do chemo or radiation again, so I tried herbs from the rain forest and I’m glad I did. I’m going to tell as many people as I can. Believe me I know what it’s like to have cancer and think you’re going to die! I guess the reason I posted this is I just didn’t want anyone else to have to go through the hell I went through with chemo & radiation treatments.

  • — Kenisha

    I grew up eating this fruit and drinking the juice made from it as a child in Jamaica and whenever I had access to it while living in Canada. The claim that it could lead to movement disorders similar to Parkinson is ridiculous and very much a scare tactic being employed by the writer of this article. I actually found the article informative and credible until that paragraph. The study which is cited to support that claim, used only 87 ppl who were already diagnosed with having some for a two year period where they were questioned about what they ate. A conclusion was then drawn that "some tropical fruits and teas can lead to Parkinson or Parkinson type symptoms. I find that to be a joke. If that is the case, my study from family history shows way over 87 ppl that have consumed soursop and it's juices for over 30+ years and none have developed this. Instead of focusing on the positive, that this fruit shows signs of promise in offering alternative treatments, CTCA is falling into the scare tactic approach. For an organization that advertises itself as using creative methods in their treatment approach, I would've expected you to encourage cancer patients to discuss the possibilities with their treating physicians.

  • — Negeri Sembilan

    I have high blood pressure and was taking medication in the last 7 years. Since taking the medication, I experienced some side effects such as urination problem and pain in the body, especially in the back and fingers. About a month ago, I went to the hospital for regular checkups as directed. My blood pressure reading was not satisfactory – 150/100. So the doctor changed my medication. The new medication have made the side effects that I have been experiencing become worse. I feel like not willing to go on like this anymore. On a day, I heard my friends chatting about the benefits of soursop. I asked them how to treat high blood pressure. They suggested I drink soursop leaves tea. As side effects from the new medication is quite severe, I decided to not take the medication anymore. I only drink soursop tea every day. After 3 days, the side effects that I experienced were almost gone. I feel more energetic and cheerful. After about 3 weeks drinking the soursop tea, I went to the hospital for regular checkups as directed. My blood pressure reading was satisfactory – 130/80. So the doctor again changed my medication, but I did not tell the doctor that I no longer take the medication. I just accepted the medication.

  • — Minnie Ford

    Last May, my husband started chemo treatments (his tumors are inoperable, and his oncologist said no radiation). The chemo caused him to become a vegetable; no energy, sleepless nights and poor appetite. After 5 months of chemo treatment, his oncologist suspended the chemo after seeing a slight improvement. We were very concerned about resuming the chemo and heard about the cancer-fighting benefits of Graviola, so we decided to try it. We knew that this was risky, not knowing how the Graviola would mix with the chemo remaining in my husband’s body. It sounds unbelievable, but since taking the Graviola, we gradually saw that my husband was getting stronger and feeling better. Update: My husband and I have been taking 2 [Graviola] capsules each, per day for almost 2 months. He has lung cancer and I have osteoarthritis. Of course, my husband’s condition is much more serious, but we both have increased energy and an overall feeling of well-being since taking Graviola. My husband will get another PET (positron emission tomography) scan of his lungs. We’re praying that the scan will show a further improvement in his tumors. If it does, we will definitely continue taking the Graviola and my husband will never have another chemo treatment.

  • — selim818

    Dear readers, This is Selim. I want to tell readers about benefit of soursop. i was living saudi arabia and one day i research in net and suddenly found article about soursop and i read about their content of vitamins and i believed those and searching where i can find soursop and i found start to make juice and drink. here is the true story. i had a skin infection in my arm from bugs and i suffered more than 5 yrs and doctor said it can cure by surgery due to that infection become bigger and etching always. when i start to drink soursop and after 4 days i discovered something happened in my arm and i saw there no infection its completely disappear and there only small mark as black and plain skin. i still drink continue. also i discover another miracle. i had also anal fisher problem and sometimes i suffered badly due to feel pain. also it cure from soursop. then i tell to my friends about sourop there one person had skin infections both legs since long yrs and another one has small tumor in his two hands. they believed me and start to drink soursop and both discover that skin infection disappear never appeared and another one found his two tumor disappeared. so means some miracle in soursop. i suggest to readers atleast try to drink soursop juice and hope anyone cure from any problems. my english might be terrible bad hope someone understand what i mean about soursop. God bless to all and stay well everyday.

  • — Therence

    I first heard of the sour sop from my Uncle as my dad has got cancer. Really after wasting a lot of money in the hospital trying to give him a better health and with no more found to spend on him; this natural way of curing cancer then came up. Let me bring you up to speed with his health before the use of sour sop. He had prostate cancer that was spreading fast and furious to is kidney. He could no longer walk on is own as his legs were swollen. He is also diabetic and his condition was so bad that the doctors could not help him any longer. After he was discharged from the hospital he was practically left to his faith to die with cancer. And as my mum said thank Jehovah for letting the doctors send him home. But within 2weeks of his taking of this wonder plant his health has so much improved that it is unbelievable. His diabetic problems are gone. His swollen legs are gone so he could walk on his own. The cancer effects that he had before are now gone. This result was just the effect of using the leaves from the plant for 3months now from November till date alone. I can tell you that he has not gone to the hospital ever since he was out in October of last year and his health is very much good. Did i forget to tell you his age well God's grace will be 82 this year survived cancer. How did he use it: two leave in a cup of boiling water cover up so the aroma from the leave will not escape and left to stand for 1hour. and meanwhile he does not eat for at least an hour before taking it and at least an hour after taking it. When he wants to take it boiling water is added to the covered water with the leave and he drives it. This is how he has used it for the past three months to a great result. It is a shame that this big companies walk away with millions of murder in their hands and no body seem to do anything about it. But the best way to pay them back is to affect there profit. Let people know about the curing effect of sour sop.

  • — Mica Graham

    Oncologists smile at you like, “Yeah right, you do that (freak).” You get a pat on the shoulder and some nice words, “Oh and go on taking that STUFF.” You think, of course I will, but you don’t say it. To make one thing clear before I continue, otherwise I will get funny PM’s again, I am NOT saying don’t believe in oncologists and modern medicine. I am NOT saying don’t get chemo or radiation. I am NOT confirming that Graviola cures cancer. I am NOT making publicity for the product. I am just talking about Graviola in general. My husband has been taking Graviola in capsules since November of last year. 3 a day before lunch. We buy them online on the Internet. At the end of January, we had a doctors appointment to evaluate the results of the last PET scan he had on January 7th. The results showed a decrease in size of the lesions he had (after one and a half months of taking Graviola). Prior to that with chemo, there was no improvement at all. The cancer was just there, not doing anything, neither for good nor for bad. I have to explain that he is not getting any medical treatment at all since beginning September last year because of his (by then) physical condition, which was not the best one after almost 3 years of uninterrupted treatments of chemo and radiation. The January report said that despite a total absence of treatment, the lesions had reduced in size, thus putting in doubt their malignancy. Three months after that, at the end of April, 2015, my husband had another PET scan and another appointment. Again the lesions had reduced, very slowly though, but anyway, being now around 2 point something millimeters each. Again, the report mentioned the doubt about the malignancy, plus the fact that the new reduction speaks in favor of having converted from malignant to benign. There was no biopsy done afterward, so the reports coincide what the specialists think – it’s not proved by tests or analysis’ of any kind. We don’t know if the cancer just gave up after all the treatments or if the Graviola is doing this. I’d rather believe the latter. Fact is, now and without treatment, we are getting results. Results of which we didn’t get during the 3 years with treatment. At least not with each of the 3 different types of chemo received. It was a constant up and down of good and less good news. My husband has almost recovered from the side effects of chemo. He is generally feeling much better (obviously without the poison in his body) and he goes on taking Graviola each and every single day. We have the next appointment on the 23rd of July and we are very confident. Update: My husband’s tumor (attached to the lung) has decreased in size constantly, from January to July 23rd from +4mm to 1.83mm. He is taking 3 capsules of Graviola a day.

  • — Lisa Berumen

    In April 2010, I was given a grim diagnosis of very aggressive, advanced and severe breast cancer (three types in one breast alone, plus 5 lymph nodes affected), and I was given months to live. By the Hand of the LORD, I was given a cancer-free diagnosis in May 2011 after being aggressively treated with chemotherapy, radiation, and multiple surgeries. The fact is that I did not feel well, even following their “all clear” diagnosis. In April 2013 I was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer, which had spread to my lungs. Again, they explained that if the previous chemo regime didn’t work, there was one more chemo drug that they could try before I lost all hope. I attempted to ask if I could begin taking…but even before I could give the name, they told me that I was not allowed to take anything other than my chemotherapy and drugs. SO, I went home and took my first dose of Graviola Capsules in May 2013 for my terminal breast cancer. Up to that time they continually told me to be patient and not to worry that my tumor score continued to rise…that the chemo would kick in eventually. Funny, I thought that it had already kicked in since I had lost all of my hair and my appetite within four weeks of starting chemo! Anyway, my next scheduled chemo appointment was three weeks later. Just as I predicted, my tumor score went down for the very first time! I did not tell her that I had disregarded her warning not to take anything in addition to my chemo and pharmaceuticals. Of course, I had to listen to the doctor tout and watch her gloat and say, “See! I told you that the chemo would eventually kick in!” Of course I had to make my point, so for the next three weeks, I kept to my entire routine, EXCEPT for my Graviola Capsules! Three weeks later, I had my blood work done, and the doctor claimed that they had not received my test results yet…but, naturally, they insisted that I receive my chemo. I later obtained a copy of my blood test results, and my tumor score had risen! I then resumed my Graviola for the next three weeks and, you guessed it, my score went down even lower than the first time! I presented the results to the doctor, and I was told not to worry about the tumor score anymore, and that it was not an important gauge of my progression or regression. I found it amusing how they claimed that it wasn’t important unless it seemed as though the chemo was working in their favor. It's noteworthy to mention the cost of just one infusion of one of the three drugs that I was given every three weeks for 18 weeks. The cost of just one of the drugs per infusion was $28,000, and another was $24,000. I don’t remember the cost of the third. Do the math…it is no wonder why they don’t want to find a cure for cancer! It was at this point that I changed my cancer center to City of Hope. There the doctors expressed that they want their patients to do all that they are able to do, including natural and homeopathic remedies, as long as they know what we are taking so they can warn and advise against adverse interactions. I have since regained strength and stamina, among other physical advantages. I am amazed how much weaker I feel by missing even one dose, and how much better I feel the following day resuming my Graviola! Since February 2014, I have discontinued any type of chemotherapy and have taken exclusively Graviola Capsules. I have taken nothing else, and I can tell you that I feel better than I have in years. I am forever indebted to my Great Physician, the LORD JESUS, and Graviola for extending and improving my quality of life! As long as I have breath, I will sing their praises!

  • — Graviola For Ovarian Cancer Metastasize

    Mrs. Inge Susana’s ovarian cancer was metastasizing to the lungs. After routine eating the graviola leaves, cancer cells can be cured. This article is our writing based on quotes from trubus online. Before, she just felt a fever similar to flu symptoms. However, after nearly a week, the fever never went away. The mother of one child immediately visits a doctor in Jakarta. When checked, the doctor found a lump in her stomach. Mrs. Inge Susana, ovarian cancer story “These bumps need ultrasound to determine whether hazardous or not,” recalls women 54 years, mid-2009. She continued her story IDA, my sister has said; “The results of the Ultrasound shows there was a lump in my ovaries. 13 cm sized lump it. ” At that time, I’m not believe it, then I ultrasound again at another hospital. However, the second examination showed the same results, there was a lump in my ovaries. Lump it is ovarian cancer. The second examination at the hospital, we got additional information that ovarian cancer has spread to the lungs. No wonder, I often cough shortness of breath, weakness, and fatigue. One time, I undergoing an examination of blood test, I passed out at the time. According to Dr. Prapti Utami in RS Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, my cancer has entered the stage of advanced stage. “The cancer was spread or metastasize,” said the doctor. Ovarian Cancer Metastasis Each of the women has two ovaries located on right and left side of the uterus. The function is to produce egg cells (ova) as well as esterogen and progesterone hormone. Therefore, the ovarian cancer cause difficult woman pregnant. Ovarian cancer is one of the malignant cancers that is often found in the female reproductive organs. Currently, the number of ovarian cancer survivor ranks second after cervical cancer. In my case, according to Dr. Kerry Love Kartosen, SpOG; from Siti Hajar Hospital, Sidoarjo, East Java, bumps that are stuck to the ovary wall has a diameter of 1-4 cm long. “A bump in the ovaries if not immediately treated can develop into cancer,” doctor said. “Metastasis ovarian cancer to veritonium will trigger develop ascites (fluid in the abdomen). The stomach will enlarge like pregnant women and patients will be shortness of breath because there is pressure to the diaphragm, “said Kerry. My stomach has not been enlarged as to what the doctor said, but I feel shortness of breath. The doctor suggested chemotherapy. However, we declined because three months ago, our second sister had died due to chemotherapy myomas. Of the 12 siblings, 4 people suffer from tumors, including myself. According to doctors, people who have a family history with cancer has the potential to have cancer anyway. The risk of cancer is 10 times as compared with families that did not have a history of cancer. Everyone has a cancer gene linked to his or her immune system. Testimonial of graviola treatment My sister invited me to a pulmonary specialist to make sure the cancer spread. However, Lung doctor suggested we try the alternative medicine. We got a friend’s advice to undergo alternative treatments in Tangerang, Banten Province. In 2009, we visited Dr. Paulus Wahyudi Halim, following the advice of my friend. After the consult, we advised to consume herbal concoction consisting of soursop leaf, temulawak (Curcuma zanthorrhiza), guava leaves, pegagan leaves (Centella asiatica), mangosteen rind, sambiloto (Andrographis paniculata) and zedoary (Curcuma zedoaria). – Soursop leaves act as anticancer will damage the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) of cancer cells. – Temulawak can protect of hearts (hepatoprotector) – Temuputih as anticancer – Pegagan and mangosteen as an antioxidant to prevent cell damage. – Sambiloto can improve the body immune “If the immune system increases, automatically the body will fight off the disease,” said doctor who had experience of practice in Ethiopia and Uganda. Dr. Paulus implement system integration among the medical and alternative treatment. Medical treatment includes examination of the biopsy, radiology, scans, and radiotherapy. “The cancer survivors who undergoing chemotherapy, their body’s system will go down so that the cancer cells spread more quickly. Some cancers such as cancers of the muscle, bone, and nerves, they are not sensitive to chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is able to minimize the cancer cells, but at certainly some point the cancer cells cannot shrink again, they are as resistant. Therefore, chemotherapy is not always able to overcome cancer. Chemotherapy just as a fire extinguisher on the one hand, but on the other hand is not. The mistake of medical treatment was refined by alternative medicine. We prescribe soursop leaves to reduce the negative effects from the chemo. “Said Dr. Paulus. Graviola leaves for ovarian cancer We boil all the herbs into the 3 cup to 1 cups, then I drank on three times a day. I’m also taking 3 capsules a day mangos teen rind 3 times a day. Because cancer metastasizes, doctors have been giving high doses for me. After 6 months of consuming graviola routinely, my body’s condition began to improve. Cough and fever had gone. I feel my body is more fresh. Ovarian cancer diet I avoid fish, meat, eggs, chicken, MSG and preservatives. For patients with cancer, doctors also recommend to reproduce consuming vegetables. According to doctors, the vegetables able to maintain blood alkaline (pH) . Cancer cells cannot stand in the blood alkaline. Ovarian cancer survivors should also avoid carcinogenic foods such as junk foods because it accelerates the transition from benign cancer to malignant. I also avoid eating fermented foods like tempeh, tapai, and fermented beans. Fermented foods will stimulate the formation of new blood vessels in cancer. My cancer is cured Finally, the doctor said that my body condition increased, my lungs have been clean. When checked the CA 125 levels is 19 U/ml, previously 34 U/ml-exceeds the normal limit. The levels of CA 125 (cancer antigen) are a tumor marker used to monitor the growth of ovarian cancer cells. Although my body conditions have improved, I still consume the graviola. I am afraid if the cancer cells are back, “said Mrs Inge ended the conversation. https://graviolatestimonials.com/graviola-for-ovarian-cancer-metastasize/

  • — Jules

    Soursop tea and my battle with cancer An Alternative Cancer Treatment by using the Soursop leaf I found this background information after researching treatments for my terminal cancer, as unable to have conventional treatment due to various reasons and I was not willing to give up without a fight. It is very hard to be told that you only have a limited time left and like everyone who as been told this I was totally pissed off to be honest. After the anger of why me. What have I done to deserve this. The crying and then the OMG what am I going to do. I thought that I would start looking at other ways. Please let me say here that sometimes you need to fight with all the tools given you, whether it is Chemo, or what ever, then fight for what gives you the most inner strength. Mine is my family and friends here in Belize and in England. I have now been using the Sour sop leaves to make a tea. I was amazed when I had a scan done few days ago that revelled that the main tumour had reduced by an Inch This may sound like that its not much but to me it was like winning the lottery. So my battle continues and I will keep people updated as it continues good or bad. What I did was: 1. Boil 10 pieces of old soursop leaves (dark green) into 3 cups boiling water and continue to evaporate until you get to 1 cup only. 2. Drink a 1/3rd of a cup 3 times a day. After drinking, I find my body feels the effects of heat, similar to the effects of chemotherapy. (must admit that now have made teabags that contain the 10 leves in each bag so to make things easier ) I used to make a large amount every 3rd day and keep the rest in the fridge. I prefer to drink mine like tea so reheat by heating the mixture. It can be drunk cold but not for me. Within 4 weeks, the results can be checked to the doctor, Mine told me that the main tumour had reduced by just under an Inch and there was no futher cancer developments. Soursop leaves are said to to be nature's chemotherapy, even more effective as soursop leaves only kill cells that grow abnormally and let the cells grow normally. While the killing effects of chemotherapy there was also some normal cells. If you want teabags made of the leaves I will send them to you wherever you may live, Please email me at juliemarot1@hotmail.co.uk or message me on face book. We all need to pay it forward....... & I thank all my friends here in Belize who have helped me find this Gem.... 15th November 2013. Update: Well the latest news....My cancer has stopped growing...YES.. no further growth.. still getting infections mainly abscesses but am coping with these as they occur. Had some weight gain (not so good lol) To be honest this time last year,I never thought that I would make the Christmas let alone another one this year. Wishing everyone out there with cancer a Happy Christmas, and a pain free one. Live life and enjoy the moments no matter how small they are I will keep you all up to-date on my progress no matter how good or bad... This is some of the research I found on the web. Early years of the 90s found a kind of 'herbal' of the tribes (Tribes) in the Amazon interchangeable several cure important diseases including cancer. After investigation by experts from the U.S. pharmaceutical, it turns out these ingredients come from the Graviola tree leaves. The leaves contain anti-cancer substances called Annonaceous Acetogenin distinguished, which can kill cancer cells without disturbing the healthy cells in the human body. The pharmaceutical industry is trying to patent the findings of 'this, but failed because the pure active ingredients derived from plants in nature, which means public domain. Ironically, the results of this study then 'buried', as worry about harm to industry 'chemotherapy' which at that time is the best alternative to overcome cancer. As a result an anti-cancer drug which is very potential and cheap bbrp disappeared for years until the early 2000s, a member of the research team of pharmaceutical tsb tsb divulge secrets to help close a distinguished family of esophageal cancer. Members of these families recover and be the talk of the doctors who treated him. This info is widespread and then re-examined by experts pharmacy / medicine from Korea and Japan. The result was amazing! Now the eight types of cancer can already be treated with this Graviola leaf. Then the plant whether it Graviola? It turns out native plants that Amazon has the Latin name of Annona muricata, in the Indonesian language known as soursop! Whoa ..!? Soursop tree it is everywhere? Well ... that is, it turns out cancer drugs are cheap and efficacious available for free in our yard and ironically not many people know. The problem is BHW treatment with soursop leaf has not been thoroughly studied scientifically, allows for many pharmaceutical / medicine who have not acknowledged usefulness. In other words, there is an alternative treatment. Patients who prefer moneyed chemotherapy treatment to overcome cancer, krn supposedly 'more scientific' (although very sick and suffering) and they are able to pay dearly. But for the little people who can not afford expensive treatment which, now there is an alternative treatment which 'would not hurt to try', in addition to cheap, too easy to obtain. Doses-been that have been tested are: 10 soursop leaves dark green washed, boiled in 3 cups water (600cc), and left simmering until the remaining one cup of water (200 cc)is left. Once cool, then strained and drunk every morning (there are patients who bbrp minumpagi-afternoon). In effect, the stomach will feel warm / hot, and sweating bodies. Keep in mind BHW herbal medicine is not 'ces-pleng', meaning that after taking a routine for 3-4 weeks a new effect is visible. The condition of the patient improves, activity can return, and the timeout is checked lab / doctor turns out to dry the cancer cells, while other cells which grow (hair, nails, etc.) not at all disturbed. Soursop fruit has a tremendous benefit in the prevention and cure of cancer. For prevention, it is advisable to eat or drink fruit juice soursop. Name: Fruit soursop / tailings Latin name: Annona muricata January 2014 Well I am still here alive and kicking. The tumours are still here but have not grown any more. I have been getting quite a few infection, but I think what the heck, I can cope with them. I still wake up every morning and think how lucky I am I am still here and loving life. I go to the casino, I have a drink when I want and my son and my daughter in law are coming to see me very soon. Please all I ask is that if you have cancer enjoy your life, live it, do. if you are caring for someone with cancer, enjoy your times together, do it with them and remember memories are forever. I wish you all a happy New Year Julesxxx March 11th 2015 Well yep I am still here.......OMG I feel so blessed. Over the past year many things have happened. A friend of ours had a friend who had really bad Lupus. Was unable to get out of bed without so much pain, but now 6 months on she is out tending the garden, moving around and living life to the full. Was it the Sour Sop. Well seeing as this was the only medication she was taking I have to think it was... Or maybe ........well perhaps the cynical will say not but I like to think so. A close friend of mine who lives here in Belize had a lump removed and has been taking the sour sop as a preventative medicine and she is still free.... I have heard from people all over the world where this is getting out. Maybe just maybe there is light........I like to think so. Please feel free to ask me anything always happy to share any information I may find in my travels. Please be aware of people trying to make money out of our fight. Love to you all , Stay happy, enjoy life. Love it and live it to the full Hugs Jules xxxx P.S There is news that the sour sop can help reduce the good ole blood pressure, so will look into this as wellxx

  • — Anthony Kimbrough

    My Treatment The odds have recently changed. If there are 2 or you in your family, 1 will contract Cancer. I'm not saying this is for everybody but this is what I'm trying. Now my Cancer is CTCL which is a Lymphoma. I have little or no lymph node involvement as of yet. Show be stage 1B or 2A. Different cancers work different ways, all are basically the same but treatments should be different as to my understanding. If I build my T Cells, I build my cancer. If I don't, I catch colds easily and bacteria easier. My map out plan. 1 - Stabilize condition. 2 - Detox system. 3 - Attack cancer cells. 4 - Rebuild Immune system. Week 1 - 3-31-06 For the last week or better I started Graviola. 28 - 30 th I checked my pH levels. This will be done weekly now. It is barely within range. 6.5 I started my Essiac Tea on 4-1-06. 3 oz per drink. 3 times per day. Grapes. Now started. Week 2 - Hit a slam Sunday, felt bad. Out of work 4-3-06. Fever, Stomach ache, head ache. Annie has the same and is not doing anything I am so it's probably just a virus. My eyebrows are growing back! My skin is trying to clear for the first time in years. Laetrile (B17) This is a natural thing in Apricots seeds, Wild Black Berry Seeds, Raspberry Seeds and more, yet it was made illegal to see in the USA. These I will start later. Future stuff for rebuilding considered is Germanium , Coral Reef. Week 3 - 4-17-06 I continued my E-Tea until the first of this week. I ran out. My energy level is so so. I also reverted back to Dr Peppers away from the Grape juice. Last week was a kicker. Should have known something's up when the boss asked how my health was holding up? I suspect that UPS wants him to do some of the stuff being done. I did the previous week take 2 B-17 pills. 1 at night a 1 the next day. Felt some discomfort but seemed to make a difference. Also gave Rudy (mom & dad's dog) diagnosed with Lymphoma 1. He was terribly ill for a couple of days but the walked for the first time. My Left eyelid is almost cleared up now. My feet are manageable as are my legs and arms. It's still there and quite visible but the pain has decreased. Oddly enough my blood pressure is great. My hair I lost in the spot on the back of my head has hair growing back as does other parts like my legs and arms. I'm ordering a Juicer. I have cut back on the meat but still will not completely give it up. Found new links I'm adding tonight. I have ordered a Juicer. I still don't like vegetables so I'll just drink them. Although I may never get to use them I have planted several fruit trees. Rudy is back unable to walk again. 4-18 - Rudy has gotten worse. Dropping the Immune System down looked good at first but now it's not good. He is fading fast. Not sure if there's time to get him built back up. He is so weak. This changes my treatment plan for myself. Rudy died shortly after writing this. 8-2 - Well the best laid plans of mice and men. The last posting I wrote of on 4-18 was pretty much the last week I wrote of it...and done it. I lasted for a while then stopped in the 5th month of 2006. Now I did do one thing, go on vacation. We went to the beach. The first couple to three days it burnt when I got into the water. We went the first week of June, shortly thereafter I completely cleared up. All but my feet still remain clear as of this writing and they are not bad. I can feel it coming back on my arms but this has been nice. Thanks to UPS I haven't continued my NBUVB. They manage to keep me out late enough each night in the heat. By the time I take a bath and eat, it's bedtime. The thing that I fear is that they will put oil rigs out there and destroy whatever can heal. Mentally I can see more reasons (selfishly) to let it run it's course than to attempt to stop it. One has only to look at the real world and the corruption and destruction to realize that those whose days are shortened are blessed. 09-21-06 Been too busy to write much, let alone research or actually implement anything. I have however maintained a few vitamins and supplements. A few weeks ago spots started coming back but they are small and few. Went for a check-up on 10-13-06 to Vanderbilt. Both doctors were no less than shocked at my progress, I should have had them stage me again. I believe I have reversed it somewhat. Of course if I'd quit smoking and drinking soft drinks I think it would complete the task. I have managed to avoid colds and I attribute that to Vitamin C. 09-25-06 Just a thought through my mind. I have tried things that would not build my immunity, what if I built my immunity and free range radical attackers. My wife is starting to come around to this possibility that cures aren't done by conventional medicine for cancer. 10-06-06 After researching a bit further, my type doesn't work like other cancers. I am pretty much convinced now that it must be approached by other means. So I will try starving it out. Since mine is in my immune system (white cells) building my immunity will not work as I before figured out. What I'm doing now is working but losing a bit of ground on improvement. There are some similarities of all cancers. Uses a lot of Potassium, High Energy, Acidic Base, Free Radicals, Low Oxygen and distorted genes. Apparently no one pill can cure. No one cause in and of itself can cause it. It can be triggered just as mine was but my system had to be weak to not control it. A weak system appears apparent as I have watched the members of the list I belong to develop other cancers. For now I am still taking Omega 3 (4000-6000mg) per day. Flax Seed with Cod Liver Oil (2 capsules). Curcumin (1000 mg) for the cancer. Vitamin C 1000-2000 per day. I'm having a hard time with the Graviola (upset stomach) but am going back to Essiac Tea (homebrewed) and will try again. Slowly cutting back on bought foods and meats. I will do a gradual reduction and phase them out. 10-16-06 Had a slight backset last week and it continues to worsen. I kind of expected it. Had bad angina last Monday and given the not so good part of my last blood work cholesterol through the roof it was decided I needed another heart cath and done it Wed. The heart cath turned out great. the recovery not so well, had a hard clotting back in the femoral artery. It broke loose and now, minus skin and bad soreness and bruising (groin area, leg) I'm fine. Out of work from last Monday until this Wed. I know work is pissed and dread it. Come to find out the Potassium level was low. I started supplements and not sure if the stress, meds or Potassium is causing the advance. Shame I can't single them out. Funny, it appears to be only left side. Wonder if the Stingray sting in right foot last summer has anything to do with right side staying clear? Adding minerals, Graviola and amino acids to list. Will prepare and go back on E-Tea. 10-21-06 Still out of work and this my 2nd week, worked 1 day last week. Complications after the heart cath on the right side. Pain has decreased but still rough. Was determined that a lot of blood went into muscle, under skin and pressure from the 2nd round of clotting artery off bruised and damaged some kind of cord effecting right testicular section. During this time found a film on Dr Bob Beck. Made one of the contraptions last night, Colloidal Silver Maker. Made some, drank it last night. This morning not as much flem coughed up. Feel a little better. I'm going to place this on my list of doing it. 11-13-06 Back on track now but still having a bit of trouble getting cleared. Flu bug everywhere, had a touch briefly but used 2-4,0000 mg of vit c and colloidal silver and back on it. 12-24-06 Beginning on getting back on track after losing a lot of ground from rotator cuff surgery which I expected to lose ground. Went pretty low by on my way back up. Forgot Vitamin C a few days and caught a cold but went back on and already diminishing the effects and duration. I suspected that a combination of stress (mostly from pain), pain killers and anesthesia advanced it, mostly the pain killers and anesthesia. This is week 3 and still occasionally use 1/2 5 mg Loratab, mostly at night if needed. Pain decreasing most days but occasionally breaks hard. 1st 7 days heavy on pain killers. After 7 days eating much of pain but taking only taking pain killer when needed. January 2007 - A recent trip for a check up at Vanderbilt caught me off guard. I had lost ground from a shoulder surgery and was just beginning to gain back. Rather than a quarterly visit they have changed to a semi annual visit. I'm writing the as of 3-27-07 so it's a recap. I started losing again in February as bursitis's set into the shoulder, maybe because Liberty Mutual cancelled my Physical Therapy or maybe not. My follow-up last month reveled that all was going sour in the shoulder. Again I got off schedule with my Vit C and got very sick as a flu passed around and I caught it. This time however UPS had illegally cancelled my personal insurance which was eventually reinstated. The stress from it was terrible, especially watching my wife catch it. We have savings but if the kids would have caught it there would not be enough so we suffered and finally beat it with 12,000 mg vit C, Colloidal Silver and VetRx Now as of this writing I have once again done myself in lacking Vit C so today I started with 2,ooo,mg x 3 this day plus Colloidal Silver in both drink and a humidifier. My wife got me an antibiotic but the Colloidal Silver has already got me back going. I've also come off my diet and it shows and tells. I go for an FCE test next month on my arm and that worries me. I have kept busy with real-estate and that gives me some sort of hope. April 2007 Took the FCE today and done well until the end, failed on last test, not able to lift above chest. Cancer started advancing a few days ago and today is all over again, advanced rapidly. Fatigue and severe burning feeling, sore. I have been not taking anything, gained weight eating restaurant foods, pizza, cheeseburgers, etc. I suspect that a combination of Vit C, Curcumin, Flax Seed and Nattiokoese were all working together as a buffer along with Graviola. Actually broke down twice this week and done the NBUVB treatments. Most wide spread and painful it's been in a long time.

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