Graviola – the miracle herb which cures cancer!

Graviola research already conducted 50 years, but since they can not do in version GMO (genetically modified organisms), pharmacists hide it.

Graviola, green plant from East and South America is hit the new natural medicine with sweet taste and soft, just that remind pineapple, strawberry and coconut or banana.

But its attractive appearance and excellent taste are not the only thing important to this plant, it demonstrably cures cancer. When we heal, we think exactly that – kills cancer cells and is up to ten thousand times more effective than medicines, and are useable the leaves, bark, fruit and seeds of graviola.

Of course, skeptics question follows: if so, why is not used. The answer is, as always simple – it is impossible to patent the natural ingredient or flower or plant. With logic of pharmacist companies, it does not pay itself off. Although millions of dollars are spent on synthesizing most powerful ingredients of graviola, which kills cancer cells, it is shown that the fruit simply can not mate with GMO version, so research are deep in the drawer.

Graviola and cancer 600x300 Graviola The Miracle Herb Which Cures Cancer!

For research however heard the public when a team of scientists who studied the Graviola has spoken, and the series of new research has committed Catholic University South Korea.

Results limited to scientific fantasy, because graviola kills only cancer cells, leaving healthy cells intact while selectively killing is ten thousand times more effective than the preferred doxorubicin. Research scientists have confirmed from Purdue University in the USA.

Graviola is especially effective in curing lung cancer, prostate and pancreas. Besides acting in cancer, graviola has other healing features – acting against bacteria, fungi and parasites, regulates blood pressure and helps to stress, depression and nervous disorders.South American Indians living in the area where the graviola grows, use all parts of this plant (bark, leaves, roots, seeds) for the treatment of heart disease, asthma, arthritis and liver problems.

Since pharmacists and medicine not want to use graviola, you can use it yourself, but always in consultation with a doctor who followed the situation, because some companies have already developed graviola tablets in addition to food, while also likely to take seedlings to cultivate self

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02 October 2014

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