Phyto-chemical screening and anti listerial activity of annona muricata (l) leaf extract

Natural remedies from medicinal plants are found to be safe and effective. Many plant species have been used locally as medicine to treat various ailments. Bio-active compounds from plants continue to play a major role in primary health care as therapeutic remedies in many developing countries. According to the WHO survey, 80% population depends upon the traditional medicines for primary health care needs. It suggested in improving the technologies for cultivation of medicinal plants. It has been reported that there has been an alarming increase in number of diseases and disorders caused by synthetic drugs prompting a switch over to traditional herbal medicine [1-5]. Annona muricata L. (Soursop) is a naturally occurring plant, traditionally used to treat various ailments including cancer. It belongs to the family Annonaceae and is widely distributed in India and Central America. Fruits of Annona muricata, also known as Graviola in South America are taken internally for worms, parasites, fever,as an astringent for diarrhoea and dysentery. The plant is also reported to have good antioxidant property.

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11 July 2016

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