Nature represents a wealth of knowledge that is still insufficiently known and disseminated. Western society is fascinated by technology and modern life, leaving aside universal knowledge: timeless nature.

The best way to consume soursop or graviola is ingesting it directly. The real power and the healing elements takes effect if the leaves of soursop are directly consumed and prepared as tea.

It's time to wake up and open the eyes to real natural medicine.


Exporting dried soursop leaves and internet sales.

Our products are 100 % from soursop leaves. We sell soursop leaves because we support this amazing plant and would like to help everyone get these leaves; not pills from powder or tablets, but fresh soursop leaves that can provide better results. If you suffer from an ailment or would just like to maintain good health and possibly decrease your risks of getting sick, drink soursop tea.

Herbal D-tox is a young and dynamic multicultural company, located in Phuket, Thailand with offices in the United Kingdom, and collaborators in several other countries.
Aware of the fight against many diseases, we are dedicated to exporting the best soursop leaves from Thailand, South East Asia.


Herbal D-tox is Soursop / Graviola's leading distributor in Europe. All our products are prepared and packaged in our laboratories in Thailand. We maintain a strict quality control at each stage of the production, from the agriculture itself, to the selection of the leaves up until the shipment, in order to guarantee an impeccable quality level. Soursop / Graviola trees grow naturally, in our own organic plantations, in a verdant environment in the heart of the nature and away from pollution. Our products are made of 100% made of Graviola leaves without additives or chemicals. The leaves are meticulously sorted, selected and dried in the open air without artificial drying methods, thus preserving all their natural chemical properties. We will send you dry vacuum packed Soursop leaves for making tea (more or less 240 Soursop leaves). The leaves are harvested from trees with a 100% natural origin.
Drying is done in the open air, 0% chemicals.