a brief review on recent advances in clinical research of annona muricata

CONCLUSION: The review presented here, is not a complete one, but gives a broad aspect on various studies done on wound healing , antimicrobial, antiovarian, antioxidant, chemopreventive, allelopathic, effect on kidney , effect on liver, its toxological evolution, its phytochemical & pharmocological activities.& summarised some of the findings regarding other medicinal properties & various studies on chemical constituents of Graviola. It is a natural fruit that has enormous uses especially in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Most of the experiments thus far carried out have been preclinical (animal or in vitro studies).Randomized clinical trials have to be carried out to know the exact effect in human diseases. If, in the future, medicinal values of Graviola can be adequately assessed, especially of its anticancer activity, this fruit could have significant medicinal value.

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14 November 2014

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