Acetogenins (from soursop and custard apple) anticancer action

OBJECTIVES: Raise awareness of the importance of using plants with specific cytotoxic properties against cancer cell lines.

Give some tips to prevent cancer by using plants with anticancer properties, and to improve the quality of life. APOPTOSIS AND CANCER CELL Acetogenins are 10000 times more effective against cancer than standard chemotherapy. Acetogenins are extracted from plants of "ANNONACEAE" family. 2 more known fruits of this family are: Annona muricata. Annona cherimolia. Annonacin is the most profuse acetogenine in soursop and custard apple, this, has an anticancer effective power 10000 times more than chemotherapy drugs like: adriamycin or rapamycin*. ACETOGENINS MOLECULAR MECHANISM AGAINST CANCER CELL

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02 October 2014

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