Phyto-chemical and pharmacological properties of annona muricata: a review

In the present review, an attempt has been made to congregate the traditional, phytochemical and pharmacological studies done on an important medicinal plant Annona muricata, (Family annonaceae). Cyclo hexapeptides, acetogenins, annonaceous acetogenins were the major phytochemical compounds studied from this medicinal plant. The fruit is of economic value and hence cultivated and used widely as an edible food. The plant possess the major pharmacological activities includes cytotoxic, antileishmanial, wound healing, anti-microbial activity. It also has the anticarcinogenic and genotoxic effect. Phytochemical analysis of the plant revealed the presence of tannins, steroids and cardiac glycosides which are the major phytochemical compounds. The pulp obtained from the plant shows the thermal diffusivity property. This review encompasses the potential application of the above plant in the pharmaceutical field due to its wide pharmacological activities. As the fruit of this plant is highly nutritious this paves the ways to work in future on its potential to serve as an edible vaccine.

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11 July 2016

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